Here be Dragons

Review Policy

Review Policy

This is a speculative fiction review site.

What is reviewed

Every genre book that we read is reviewed.  The hope is that our differing tastes lead to a wide variety of Sci-Fi and Fantasy being reviewed.  We are reading for enjoyment, and book selection will reflect that, with a mix of new and older books.  Mainstream and Self-Published works will both be reviewed.

How they are reviewed

We use the Goodreads five star system.  All reviews are personal opinion, but even on books we dislike we will still talk about what worked and did not for us personally.  Also all reviews will also be posted on Goodreads.  If several of us read a book they are reviewed independently, but placed within the same post.

The rating system

5 star- Personal favorites, either for amazing writing quality or sheer enjoyment.
4 star- Very good books, but with a few flaws.
3 star- Enjoyable books, but with obvious flaws, weak endings, or trite story-lines.
2 star- Good enough to finish, but not by much.  Major problems and not enjoyable.
1 star- Reserved for Did Not Finish books.  No enjoyment value for the reviewer (who will still try to explain why it wasn’t working in the review).

A word to Authors

If your work is reviewed, comments are welcome, either privately or on the message area after a review.  Factual errors will be corrected if pointed out, but the star rating is not negotiable and will not be changed.  You are welcome to quote any part or all of the review as long as it is attributed to the appropriate reviewer and a link to the blog is provided.

Thank you.

Disclaimer – At times review copies are provided by authors or publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review.  When this happens it will be noted within the review.  Of course in no way does this affect the star rating or reviews. This site DOES NOT do any paid reviews.


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