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Fantasy Review: ‘The Crown of the Blood’ by Gav Thorpe

First things first, big props to the Goodreads reviewer who coined “sandalpunk” to describe this book.  The whole punk thing should have probably stopped after cyber and steam (though to be honest, I have also used bio-punk to describe something), but really in this case it works.  So that’s that.

Or rather it isn’t, because now I have started a review with a term to describe the book, without telling anyone what the term means.  Stupid stupid stupid, come on man do you expect everyone to get on Goodreads, scroll down, and find the review that coined the term?  Explain yourself!  Ok, sandalpunk is fantasy set in a faux roman or Greek setting (I believe the person who coined it specified Roman, but screw that I am co-opting it and adding Greek so I can count Kearney’s Macht trilogy). (more…)


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