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Wheel Of Time For The First Time: ‘Eye of the World’ by Robert Jordan

Oh boy here we go.  For two years I have been saying I was going to start reading The Wheel of Time, see the series that it seems everyone else in the entire world has read.  I knew it would be difficult, after all I am no doubt jaded by reading so much other fantasy before it; I will be seeing clichés throughout.  I also in no way, shape, or form can say that I am going into this reading with as a blank slate; for a series I had read not one word of I know an amazing amount about The Wheel of Time.  I would have had to hide under a rock to not pick up huge chunks of information about this amazingly popular series; instead I use my phone to browse fantasy message boards all day (fantasy fiction message boards, get that thought out of your mind you sick @#%#!).

So I grabbed my new (used) paperback copy and prepared myself.  Warnings are there, I know to expect braid tugging, arms crossed under breasts (anyone else try this at home?), weapons being fingered, and random attacks of orcs (sorry, trollocs), all following around the one true hero of the world, Rand whats’his’name.  I already KNEW that the first book is way too similar to Lord of the Rings for some people, and I already knew that Terry Goodkind stands accused of borrowing a little too literally from Jordan.  So with all this in mind, and book in hand, I wisely kept a pen and notepad (ripped piece of paper with an old grocery list on the back), because I know every little mistake I make will be jumped on immediately.  I am dealing with sacred ground here. (more…)


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