Here be Dragons

Another strong outing, but perhaps not quite up to the first in the series.  Alina and Mal finished the last book on the run, which amazingly is where this outing starts.  While they start off in hiding, very quickly their location is discovered and the next round of plotting begins.

The Darkling survived the fight in the Fold at the end of book one, but he lost his political power.  No longer at the head of the army, he is reduced to keeping mercenaries on hand to hold Alina and Mal once they were found.  Not much is known about his plans, but it is clear that they continue to rely heavily on Alana and her Sun powers.  Already having killed a mythical stag to amplify her power, the group is off to the seas to find another one, this time a sea serpent of some kind.  From there comes betrayals, double crossings, a minor war, some politicking, and a bit of teenage angst (though mercifully much better handled and in my mind, more realistic, than much of the YA I have read previously).

The biggest improvement over the first book came from dropping some of the YA trappings that I felt hindered some of my enjoyment of book one.  Specifically I wondered why a group of powerful adults acted like they were in junior high cliques.  Much less of that here, and in fact at one point Alina uses some of her new power to force integration of the different sects of Grisha.  There are also homages to strategy planning sessions, logistics and the like, though obviously simplified to a few lines due to the YA nature of the work.  So we were TOLD there was a strategy session, rather than let in on any details of it.  Still, as the first book was mostly training and posturing for popularity, it was a welcome change for me.

The book also offered up an awesome new character in the form of Stormhund.  A chameleon of sorts, it is unclear whether or not even he knows his true personality at this point; as much of a master manipulator as the Darkling was in the first book, but twice as much fun.  In my mind he carried the book and could possibly take over the series.  Alina is actually still fairly endearing; her thirst for power and regret of it is a nice progression from the fairly weak but learning her potential girl in the previous outing.

Some areas of the book didn’t work as well for me though.  I loved the Darkling first time around, dumb name and all.  He was complex, manipulative and fell into “probably a villain but maybe is a bit misunderstood.  This time around he was a generic dark bad guy, super powerful and evil evil EVIL.  A natural progression due to events from the first book, but still a bit boring.

There is also a bit of a video game quest introduced, where it turns out there are three mythical creatures Alina needs to find her power.  It was a bit too gamey, a bit too Harry Potter (it was even hidden in plain sight in children’s’ stories), and ultimately confusing.  How did some ancient saint have access to these supposedly one of a kind creatures?  There were a whole lot of places I was hoping the story would take me, but I am not sure this is one of them.

Don’t get me wrong though, it was still a fun read, and I will be eagerly seeking out the sequel.  Just didn’t quite live up to the promise of the first one I guess.

3 Stars


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