Here be Dragons

I see the issue with my ranking system here.  ‘The Emperor’s Knife’ is not a one star book.  There is too much good in it.  Highly ambitious, fairly unique, and with some fairly strong writing in the early going.  But as loose as my ranking system is, a book I can’t finish is a one star affair, and for god’s sake this book bored me to tears.  Not at first, I got to the half-way point with no problems.  But from there I was doing anything BUT reading.  I watched a few bad TV shows, played a lot of Candy Crush, and stared at my Kindle.

A lot of time spent in a dreamlike state, another plain in which someone is touching the minds of many others.  I have enjoyed this in some book (such as Wooding’s Weavers trilogy).  But I found it to be quite a mess in this effort, some cohesion is necessary and I wasn’t seeing it.  I also had almost no connection to any of the characters.  Reluctant assassin just kinda drifting though the story, Jafar (or some other generic advisor) is of course working behind everyone else’s back .

Perhaps in another state of mind this would have worked better, perhaps I may give it a try again if I am in the mood for something a bit trippy.  But when I got through forty percent of the book the first day, and it took me three more to get through another twenty, I think I made the right decision.  Recommended for someone looking for a challenge, but not me.

A side note, that is a sharp damn cover.  Dark guys in hoods may be trite, but this one looks damn good.


Comments on: "DNF: ‘The Emperor’s Knife’ by Mazarkis Williams" (1)

  1. I've actually given books I didn't finish two stars in the past (on GoodReads – I don't rate on my own site) just because I thought the book wasn't “for me” but still had potential. It's rare, though. For the most part agree – if I can't be bothered to even finish it, it's a one star deal.

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