Here be Dragons

I enjoyed the author’s full-length fantasy ‘Heart of the Witch’, an unusual story with great characters and plenty of depth, so I thought this novella was worth a try. Main character Iona is a college student, studying social psychology. During the day, she attends lectures and tries to fend off the unwanted attentions of a persistent suitor. Each night, she is plagued by unusually vivid dreams of herself as a Mayan priestess. Not surprisingly, I found the Mayan dreams far more interesting than Iona’s humdrum daily life, and this part of the story is beautifully realised. The interweaving of Iona’s present-day and dream lives is very neat, too, if not overwhelmingly original. The romance element wasn’t quite as romantic as I would have liked, and perhaps this part of the story could have been filled out a bit more.

I don’t normally like short form fantasy, and this was a bit too short for my taste and the ending crept up on me rather suddenly. However, it makes a light, pleasantly enjoyable read, with a nicely ambiguous twist at the end. The Mayan element was intriguing enough that I’d be happy to read more about it. Three stars.


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