Here be Dragons

“The spirits tell me all will be well,” replied Mister Smith.  “They say our goals will all be met.”
“Spirits ever wrong?” I asked.

Mister Smith chuckled.  “All the time,” he said.  “But they mean well.”

Fairly entertaining, humorous at times, and entirely too short; ‘The Mister Trophy’ was a nice little find, a good start to what appears to be a nine part series of novellas.  Hey Mr. Tuttle, can we get some omnibuses set up here?  The only one I see has books 1, 2, and 4 in it.  Let’s get five tied together and go with this.

Anyway.  A finder named Markhat is tracked down by three trolls to find something that means a lot to them.  How a finder finds things isn’t really explained.  Why he was needed when the trolls basically knew where the item in question was, also never explained.  The more I think about it, the less the setup of this book makes sense.  Hmm.  Does it count if you don’t notice it until writing a review?

What the book does well is set up an interesting little world that has left me wanting to know a little more.  A truce between the humans and trolls was only made possible because the vampires sided with the humans, bringing magic the trolls refused to use with them.  The Misters (all three trolls go by a Mister moniker) still scare the humans of the town, but seem to be respecting the truce.  Now that the war is over they are also willing to use magic, but claim to have no desire to restart the war.  Why?  Don’t know, it’s the kind of thing that makes me want to read more.

Not much in the way of character development, Markhat is a glib smart ass who seems to have a talent of staying alive and holds just a touch of honor.  Mama Hog gives prophesy and provides helpful stuff.  The trolls are distinguished only by name.  The villain is insane, but isn’t visible for long enough to have more personality than that.

Not a book that will leave you in stitches, but it had me chuckling a bit.  Minor logic problems aside the plot was simple and held few twists but did catch me by surprise once or twice.  And obviously if you enjoy smart ass protagonists it will be right up your alley.

3 stars, but with the understanding that as part of a larger story this could be much more.  If the author ever gets some omnibuses going I am all in.


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