Here be Dragons

Part nine of The Complete Discworld Reread

Pay attention, there is a lot going on and less than two hundred pages of large type to get it all in.  Rincewind needs out of the Dungeon Dimensions, a young demonologist wants some wishes granted (and needs a cold shower), and several different demons have their own ideas of what should be done.  So watch closely, and you will see how the trick is set.  Young Eric calls on a demon, Rincewind slips through into the occult circle, and something unknown makes sure Eric gets everything he wishes for.  Of course, this being Discworld, he really should be more careful in what he wished for.
I have probably read this book twice a year since I first discovered it.  It is the perfect book for those ‘what do I read now?’ moments; short and funny as hell.  Eric believes Rincewind is the demon he worked so hard to call and demands his three wishes (rule the world, meet the most beautiful girl in history, and live forever).  From there they find the results of each wish, one after another.  Along the way they meet obvious parodies of Ponce de Leon, Odysseus, and Helen of Troy. 

Not a lot of depth, though the humor is a very smart.  Not a lot of character development, Rincewind is a known quantity at this point, and Eric is nothing more than an out of depth, horny teenager; his wishes are more of a presence than he is.  Not even a lot of cameo’s; only Death, Rincewind, and Luggage are regular characters from the series as a whole.  There is however a wisecracking parrot, so take that for what it is worth.

Something that may be interesting to fans of ‘Good Omens,’ a book co-written by Gaiman; this book starts playing with the idea of a more efficient hell, immediately reminding me of Crowley.
For the review to be any longer it would reach the book’s word count.  So a recap; not deep, standalone, funny as hell, quick little romp that is great for when you want something to read between the giant tomes of the latest blockbuster fantasy series.
4 stars.  May not really deserve it based on plot and character development, but it is pure entertainment.


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