Here be Dragons

It wouldn’t be a fantasy review blog without year end awards!  God knows we don’t want to disappoint, but with two reviewers, how do we do a ‘best of’ list?  We are rarely reading the same things.  So we will do this our own way.

Starting Christmas Day, at a one-a-day pace, we will present the first annual Barneys.  Please be prepared for complete irrelevancy, as we scan our pre-blog reads and highlight a few books that haven’t been reviewed  here before.

Day 1  – Best Mix of a Mythological Creature and a Library
Day 2 – Best Jolly Caper Involving an Assassin and a Cop
Day 3  –Best Cameo of Doc Holliday in a Fantasy Novel
Day 4  – Best Use of a Magically Evil Shrub
Day 5  –  Best Monster Made Entirely From Trash
Day 6  –  Best Inter-Species Sex
Day 7 – Best Scrabble Reference  
Day 8 – Best All-The-Things-I-Hate 
Day 9 – Best Appearance of a Chaos Demon 
Day 10 – Most Amusingly Self Centered Characters
Day 11 – Best Book That Shows How Much Footnotes Suck on an Old Kindle
Day 12 – Most Imaginative Use of a Dragon


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