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Fantasy Review: ‘Servant of the Underwold’ by Alliete de Bodard

Note: This very short review was posted to Goodreads before the blog was live.  I know it is brief, but hated having a review of the second book without  review of the first.  I therefore added it only for continuity sakes. 

Surprisingly accessible, despite dealing with a lesser known pantheon of gods. A first person murder mystery that morphs into a fuller story. The main character broods a bit too much on his past, but is likable, and has realistic interactions, both with mortals and gods(Gods are real, and part of the world here). The supporting characters are fleshed out, with their own stories in the background.

Politics are interesting, as is the use of religion. The author makes zero attempt to cover up the brutality of the religion, nor is there any attempt to put a western morality spin on it, sacrifice is part of the world, period.

Few complaints. Use of a modern idiom stuck out(but only once), and a semi-let down when it came to the reasoning behind the main characters brooding.

Quick paced, fun, well researched(or faked well), and completely unique. Recommended, and here is hoping the next two books in the series are just as enjoyable.

4 stars

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